Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro Review

Many of us usually forget to get door keys with us. So we decided to test the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro. It was released not that long ago.

Unboxing and Design

The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro uses environmentally friendly corrugated packaging. After all, the smart door lock is installed on the door, and the packaging is thrown away after opening. Using corrugated paper can save costs and help environmental protection.

Open the box. The two boxes inside are the main body of the door lock and the accessories for installation.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro

The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro uses a black integrated panel, which looks very beautiful.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro

The door handle is made of frosted material with a comfortable feel. The fingerprint recognition is located on the outer door handle, providing unlocking and opening the door in one step. Its unlocking module uses a 3D semiconductor fingerprint recognition, coupled with a sapphire fingerprint cover. So it has a very high recognition success rate.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro

In addition to fingerprint unlocking, the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro also provides password (long-term password, temporary password) unlocking, NFC unlocking, Bluetooth unlocking, Homekit unlocking, and mechanical key unlocking. Both the password input area and the NFC unlock area are located above the handle for user convenience. At the top of the door lock, there are two cameras (ultra-wide-angle camera and night infrared camera) used by Smart Cat Eye and a human sensor.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro

Under the door handle, there is a mechanical keyhole for emergency use. The keyhole adopts a hidden design to ensure the beauty of the door lock.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro

The interior panel of the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro is relatively simple, with only a peep-proof unlocking switch and a child-safe anti-locking knob under the door handle.

Open the upper cover of the interior panel of the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro, and you can see the power supply part of the door lock. The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro has two power supply parts. The power supply to the door lock part uses 4 AA batteries, and the smart cat’s eye part is powered by a built-in lithium battery.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro

The lock body is made of stainless steel and the workmanship details are very good. The clutch is located in the lock body. So there is no need to worry about opening the door violently. There are 4 sensors inside the lock body to accurately detect the state of the lock body.

In terms of accessories, the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro provides a Type-C charging cable, a lithium battery for smart cat’s eye, two emergency mechanical keys and four Xiaomi AA batteries. Of course, there is also an installation manual.

Set Up And Use

Xiaomi is one of the first domestic companies to build a smart home ecosystem. Now, almost all smart home devices in the Xiaomi ecosystem can be set and linked through the Mijia app.

In the Mijia app, you can also clearly understand the battery level of the Mi Smart Door Lock Pro, whether the door is locked, etc., and you can also set the function and upgrade the firmware.

For smart cat eyes, it can sense people staying at the door through the human sensor, and automatically turn on the camera function. The video can be saved for 3 days for free (or can be upgraded to 7 days or 30 days by paying), which greatly guarantees the user’s property safety. At the same time, another function of the camera is to transmit the image in front of the door to other devices connected to the Mijia smart home when someone rings the doorbell. So users can confirm who is here and whether they want to open the door. In addition to being connected to the Mijia smart home ecosystem, the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro can also be connected to Apple’s HomeKit smart home ecosystem. The experience is similar, but in the HomeKit smart home ecosystem, users can even open the door lock through voice command.


The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro supports multiple unlocking methods such as fingerprint, NFC, password, etc. It is very convenient to use, especially after adding the smart cat’s eye, the security is greatly enhanced again. In addition, Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro supports both the Mijia smart home ecosystem and the Apple Homekit smart home ecosystem, the two largest and most complete smart home ecosystems. Therefore, whether you plan to build a complete smart home ecosystem based on Mijia or Homekit in the future, this Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro can be installed.

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