Xiaomi Launched Mijia Smart Table Lamp Lite At 99 Yuan ($15)

Today, Xiaomi quietly launched the Mijia Smart Table Lamp Lite, which is an upgraded version of last year’s Mijia Table Lamp Lite. The main change is the addition of smart functions, retaining the same lighting quality. At present, the Mijia Smart Table Lamp Lite costs 99 yuan ($15).

The central illuminance of the Mijia Smart Table Lamp Lite is greater than 1200lx, The double-lens homogenization technology expands the irradiation area while making the light more uniform and softly brighten the entire desktop. It has also passed the photobiological safety test of professional institutions. So it causes no blue light hazard and no video flicker.

The Mijia Smart Table Lamp Lite supports stepless dimming. Touch the button to turn the light on and off; long press the button to switch the brightness; you can also steplessly adjust the brightness of the light in the Mijia app. There are three low, medium, and high lighting modes of illumination.

Mijia Smart Table Lamp Lite

The Mijia Smart Table Lamp Lite supports voice control of Xiaoai speakers and has a built-in Bluetooth Mesh module. Just say “Xiaoai, find your device” to Xiaoai speakers that support Bluetooth gateways, and you can quickly access the network and control to switch lights. The Mijia Smart Table Lamp Lite can be directly paired with a mobile phone via Bluetooth and connected to the Mijia app to freely adjust the brightness of the light. Without Wi-Fi and Bluetooth gateway, you can also enjoy the fun of intelligent control in the dormitory. After networking through the Bluetooth Mesh gateway, the time is automatically obtained and calibrated, and the night light mode is automatically triggered when the light is turned on during the night.

Lastly, the Mijia Smart Table Lamp Lite adopts the honeycomb water pattern design on the light-emitting surface of the double prism. The base is small and the shaft can be turned up and down at 218° and tilted 180° horizontally.

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