Xiaomi Mi Smart Door Lock Pro Is Officially Released

On November 4, Xiaomi officially released the Mi Smart Door Lock Pro. It supports 7 unlocking methods, adopts a direct plug-in C-level smart lock cylinder. It combines the door lock, doorbell, and camera into one. The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro can not only link with Xiaomi smart home, but also with Apple HomeKit smart home.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Door Lock Pro

The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro is available for pre-order in all channels and officially it will go on sale on November 11. The starting price of this new product is at 1599 yuan ($242).

As said, there are 7 unlocking methods including fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, temporary password, Bluetooth, HomeKit, NFC and emergency key.

Fingerprint unlocking is currently the most common method of unlocking. It has unparalleled convenience. The fingerprint module is cleverly integrated into the handle.

The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro adopts a straight plug lock cylinder design. The lock cylinder penetrates the lock body. Even if the front panel is damaged, it still has a safe mechanical lock. It adopts the industry’s highest security level C-level.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Door Lock Pro

The lock adopts a deeply customized motor lock body with multiple built-in smart sensors to accurately detect the state of the lock body. The main control chip is also on the rear panel. It is for avoiding electronic interference and prevent the small black box from unlocking.

The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro has a three-in-one design of camera, doorbell and smart door lock. It not only has the function of electronic doorbell, but also reminds about guests in time.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Door Lock Pro

It also has an ultra-high-definition wide-angle camera that supports door stay detection. When someone stays at the door for too long, the camera will automatically wake up and start recording. After, it sends a notification to the user’s smartphone to keep track of the situation in front of the door.

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After connecting to the Bluetooth gateway, it can push notifications locally and remotely at the same time to avoid missing visitors or express delivery. Solve the safety problem of the family’s first line of defense in one step.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Door Lock Pro

The Mi Smart Door Lock Pro supports MIoT and Apple HomeKit. So it can realize rich smart home scenarios. After authorizing Apple HomeKit through the Mijia app, you can use Siri or the home app to control the switch of the door lock. The built-in MJSC and MFi dual security chips are convenient for unlocking while ensuring home safety.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Door Lock Pro

For the first time, the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro adopts the one-key arming function away from home. Within 7 seconds after the indoor door is unlocked and closed, lightly press to turn on the arming mode. So you will know about the abnormal unlocking in time.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Door Lock Pro

The Mi app not only can view the status of other operations but also supports user management, information unlock mode corresponding fingerprints and passwords. It is especially useful for users who have children or elderly people at home to check which member will go home when. The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro provides a 3-year free warranty, free door-to-door installation for the first time, and worry-free after-sales installation.

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