Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro With Camera Coming On November 4

On November 2, Xiaomi Smart Life official Weibo channel released a new product promo poster. It announces that the company will launch a new smart door lock product on November 4th – Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro.

Judging from the poster, the product’s promotional slogan is ‘the front lock is not seen, one step is in place’. From the product details shown in the poster, we can see a camera. So the product will also support face recognition. Compared with traditional locks, a big advantages of face recognition smart door locks are convenience and speed.

The face lock can use the camera to capture facial feature points to identify the owner and automatically open the door after recognition.

We also know that there are already smart door lock products on the market that support face recognition. The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro is likely to adopt this feature. Face recognition door locks only support fingerprints, passwords and other unlocking methods. This smart door lock has higher convenience and more security features, such as identifying lock picking and alarming.

In addition, the face recognition smart door lock can also develop new functions. For example, it can well recognize the danger signals such as lock picking and attempting to unlock. Since the face recognition fingerprint lock has network functions, it can send an alarm to the homeowner through the network, and it can sound the alarm. These advantages can be said are not available in ordinary locks, which are convenient and safe.

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