Xiaomi Released First-Class Air Conditioner Priced At 2099 Yuan ($293)

Xiaomi officially unveiled a new first-class energy-efficient air conditioner now at a price of 2,099 yuan ($293). It went on sale through Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Youpin, Xiaomi Home, Tmall, Suning Tesco simultaneously.

Xiaomi air Conditioner

Xiaomi’s new-level energy-efficient “giant energy-saving” air conditioner continues the consistent minimalist design of Xiaomi products and can be integrated into various decoration styles. The biggest selling point of this air conditioner is the support for “temperature and humidity dual control“, including 1 HP, 1.5 HP, 2 HP and 3 HP models.

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According to the official introduction, Xiaomi air conditioner supports dual control of temperature and humidity. It can achieve precise temperature control and intelligent moisturizing. It adopts 0.5 fine temperature adjustment, with 45%-65% humidity control range. Humidity is an important factor affecting comfort in addition to temperature. Generally speaking, an environment with an air humidity of 50% to 60% feels the most comfortable. Even if the temperature is appropriate, it will cause discomfort if it is too dry or humid. In addition, too much humidity in the house will provide a breeding ground for bacteria and affect the health of family members. A too dry environment can also easily cause discomforts such as dry throat, cough, and body itching.

Xiaomi air Conditioner

More functions

Moreover, it supports self-cleaning mode, matches with hydrophilic aluminum foil fins. It also realizes the automatic cleaning of dirt. You can connect the conditioner to Mijia App. Plus, it supports remote control, voice control by Xiao Ai. The conditioner supports linkage with other Xiaomi IoT products.

Xiaomi air Conditioner

We learned that Xiaomi’s new first-level energy-efficient air conditioner uses a DC inverter compressor and supports a one-key energy-saving mode. It can intelligently reduce power consumption and meets the national new first-level energy efficiency standards. Under the same conditions, it can achieve better performance in one year. The first-class energy-efficient wall-mounted air conditioner saves power by 91 degrees.

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