Xiaomi’s Class 3 Air Conditioner Starts Pre-Sale: The Price Is $248.85

According to news on September 24, Xiaomi’s Class 3 air conditioner freshman started pre-sale. The original price was 2099 yuan ($307.35), and the deposit was 100 yuan ($14.65) to 500 yuan ($73.25). On September 27, the final payment was only 1699 yuan ($248.85). The Xiaomi’s new Class 3 air conditioner supports the new Class 3 energy efficiency standard. Its AFP value is as high as 4.15. It is higher than the national standard of 4.0 and significantly ahead of the old Class 3 energy efficiency of 3.5.

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Under the same conditions, the new product saves about 15.4% of electricity a year compared to the old three-level energy-efficient 1hp air conditioner. Moreover, it provides a 6-year warranty. The freshman of Xiaomi’s new 3-level air conditioner adopts a fully enclosed DC inverter compressor with a circulating air volume of 700m³/h and a large angle of air supply. It is suitable for use in 10-15 flat bedrooms.

Xiaomi's Class 3 air conditioner

Combined with tube-fin radiator design + large-diameter cross-flow fan, the operation is more efficient. The noise is as low as 22dB (A). In terms of cleaning, it has hydrophilic aluminum foil fins. So it can automatically clean dirty and clean the air. It is also equipped with an antibacterial and anti-mildew filter to support intelligent reminders of dirty blocks.

Xiaomi's Class 3 air conditioner

Xiaomi’s 3-level air conditioner has also been added to the Xiaomi’s whole-house interconnection ecosystem. You can control it by Mijia APP and Xiao Ai students to remotely turn on and off the air conditioner and multiple function settings. In terms of design, the air conditioner continues the simple industrial design. It fits the wall to save space, uses anti-ultraviolet matte panels, and large-eyed LED displays. It equipped with a 13-key remote control. The new products are currently available for pre-sale in Xiaomi Mall.

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