OPPO Officially Announced Full-Link Color Management System

Today, OPPO officially announced that the OPPO full-link color management system. As we all know, smartphone display effect is one of the factors that ordinary users judge a smartphone. Previously, manufacturers have been accused of mixing screens with different qualities.

OPPO full-link color management

In addition to the screen, the main way to affect the display effect is the color performance system. It is the software level scheduling and optimization adaptation. The OPPO full-link color management system brings new visual experience to users. It will be another new exploration of OPPO in the field of smartphones and color.

Speaking of color management, Bruce Lee, vice president of Huawei’s smartphone product line, recently stated that the Mate 40 series is the first Android phone that truly supports full color management. For example, users are provided with two different color modes, standard and vivid. But the new standard mode refers to “display system for complete color management”, not that it only supports sRGB color gamut.

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In addition, OPPO has 6 research institutes and 4 R&D centers, and a global design center in London. Considering that there is not much difference between Huawei and OPPO in smartphone technology research and development, we can look forward to Huawei’s answer. It will bring new innovation directions to the industry. According to reports, it has always paid great attention to the visual experience brought by smartphones. It also has a solid technical accumulation in color.


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