Leravan Magic Massage Sticker Sold Only For $15.39 [Coupon]

Leravan is a smart health brand that focuses on personal private enjoyment. In fact, before Leravan magic massage sticker, it has launched a number of popular magic products, which can be regarded as an “old driver” in the field of smart health. The Leravan portable magic massage stick is mainly compact and portable and quick to operate. So, this massage stick is sold only for $15.39 after using our coupon.

Coupon code: BGFCD14
Price without coupon: $45.99
Coupon price: $15.39

Leravan Magic Massage Sticker Packaging

The outer packaging is still the classic design of Mijia. In the upper left corner of the box, we also saw the logo of Mijia Youpin. So this product can be purchased through Mijia Youpin, and like the standard version. On the back of the box, it introduces the specific functions of the Leravan Magical Massage Sticker and some basic conditions applicable. Moreover, the compact wireless sticker is a very prominent point in the appearance of the product. So, it can meet the needs of different occasions and can be carried. It is also very convenient.

Leravan Magic Massage Sticker Key

The instructions are also very good, focusing on rejuvenating muscles in 15 minutes. In addition to the instructions for use, there is one host, electrode pads, charging cable, storage board and storage bag. In addition, the packaging style of the Leravan Magic Massage Patch is simple and generous. It is also worthy to send family members to friends to send colleagues.

Leravan Magic Massage Sticker Design

The design of the Leravan Magic Massage Sticker is particularly compact. It is made of PC alloy. The net weight of the main body is only 15g. The size is relatively close to the 42mm dial, and the overall shape is oblate, somewhat similar to handmade soap. In addition, three physical buttons are distributed on the host, among which the “+” and “-” buttons on the front can adjust the massage intensity. In charging mode, a hidden power indicator is under the button, the top is a switch key, and the bottom is a USB charging port.

Leravan Magic Massage Sticker Installing

Before use, you need to install the host and electrode pads together. The installation method of the host and electrode pads is also very simple. The “metal button” design on the clothing is adopted. This design can ensure the host and electrode pads during use. It will not fall off easily, and the electrodes are not divided into positive and negative poles. So please install them at will. After tearing off the protective sheet of the electrode sheet, stick it on the part that needs to be massaged and press the switch button to use it. So, the operation is very simple.

Leravan Magic Massage Patch uses skin-friendly gel imported from Japan, which is breathable and safe. You can repeatedly use it for more than 50 times. If the electrode pad is dirty or not attached, it only needs to be rinsed with a small amount of water. You can use it again after natural drying. In addition, if there are craters on the surface of the electrode sheet gel after a long period of use, the electrode sheet needs to be replaced.

Leravan Magic Massage Sticker Massage Modes

Leravan Magic Sticker has five massage modes, and the intensity will be different under different modes. In the percussion mode, it feels like a small hammer is hitting, very soft and comfortable. The percussion also can be changed by adjusting the intensity. In addition, the Leravan Magic Sticker has also added an automatic shutdown function. The user will automatically power off after 15 minutes of use, preventing users from forgetting to turn off and overusing it.

Leravan Magic Massage Sticker Key Features

  • Applicable to all parts of the body, shoulder, back, waist, limbs are applicable.
  • Just one Finger, easy to control.
  • Use Japan imported skin gel, patch breathable safety, easy to replace, single-use can be 50 times
  • Alloy material, exquisite beauty

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Where To Buy

We find the offer compilation about this product on Gizcoupon, the best price is $15.39. [Coupon Code: BGFCD14] If the deal has expired, please go to Gizcoupon to view the latest offer for this product.

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