Zepp Z Review: Smartwatch Looking Like A Traditional Mechanical Watch

Zepp was established in Silicon Valley in 2010. As one of the world’s first well-known manufacturers of motion sensor smart devices, with its professional, timely and quantitative motion analysis, it has won the love of a large number of professional sports enthusiasts in North America. From golf to baseball and many other sports, you can find famous athletes using Zepp for training and teaching.

After being popular in North America and capturing the hearts of professional athletes in the professional sports field, Zepp also began to explore new possibilities. It is no longer limited to smart sensors for professional athletes, but further enters the market of sports and health smart wearable products for the general public.  

In August of this year, Zepp completed the brand upgrade. And it also brought its first smart wearable device – Zepp E smartwatch. Less than three months after the debut of Zepp E, on November 18, Zepp held a global conference. At this event, it released the flagship smart wearable watch called the Zepp Z.

As an all-around flagship, the Zepp Z is a high-end product in terms of design and functions. Say, it uses the design style of a traditional mechanical watch. But the materials used are quite unusual. The titanium dial and the AF-coated Corning Gorilla Mirror Glass make us keep calm about leaving fingerprints. The standard Italian top layer leather strap makes it more comfortable to wear on the wrist. Even the chassis is made of glass, which is more skin-friendly and not easy to age.

Key Advantages Of Zepp Z

There are 12 professional sports modes with dual GPS positioning. It can record the physiological data and trajectory of sports in all directions, and provide professional suggestions.

In terms of health, with the support of the BioTracker 2 PPG biological tracking optical sensor, it not only provides common heart rate, sleep and pressure monitoring, but also has two rare important functions, blood oxygen detection and electrocardiogram detection. Both are very rare even in current flagship wearable devices. It is no exaggeration to say that the Zepp Z smartwatch, which supports blood oxygen detection and ECG detection, is an all-around health flagship.

Zepp Z Design

The packaging of the Zepp Z is very simple. When taking out the main body, we can see a traditional mechanical watch design. Plus, it has a leather strap with a texture that is much higher than traditional smartwatches.

Zepp Z

The Zepp Z sports a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen. Under the traditional mechanical watch design, the black border of the screen is extremely narrow. The highest brightness of 550nit and the color gamut of 100% NTSC make the watch provide excellent viewing experience.

There are three physical buttons on the right side of the watch, corresponding to function, shortcut and health buttons. Among them, you can’t press the health button. It can be used to exhale related health functions or to measure electrocardiogram.

On the bottom of the Zepp Z, we can find that it has no metal contacts for charging. This is because the Zepp Z comes with a wireless charging technology. So it saves the trouble of opening holes on the bottom. Compared with traditional wired charging, the charging power of the Zepp Z is not much lower.

Zepp Z

In terms of sensors, it still uses the latest model of Huami BioTracker™ 2 PPG biological tracking optical sensor. The latter supports the measurement of blood oxygen, heart rate, sleep, pressure and other health parameters. Plus, it can synchronize data through Huami app.

Zepp Z

The Zepp Z comes with a leather strap, which is comfortable, durable and more business-oriented. The strap supports quick release and is very convenient to replace by yourself.

Sports and Health Functions

After getting the Zepp Z, let’s first experience its function in sports assistance.

Sports Functions

The Zepp Z supports 12 professional sports modes. In addition to common running and cycling, there are also professional sports modes such as mountaineering, skiing, and swimming.

The Zepp Z has various sensors such as gyroscope, heart rate sensor, barometer and other sensors, and it is coupled with the assistance of the dual-star GPS system. So even without a smartphone, the Zepp Z smartwatch worn on the body can complete an accurate record of an exercise.

Zepp Z

After selecting the sport category, the Zepp Z will enter the GPS star search stage. After completing the GPS search, you can start exercising. And the watch will also start recording the exercise data.

Zepp Z

During exercise, the dial will display information such as time, steps, heart rate, and so on for users to refer to in real time. After the end of the exercise, these data will also be summarized and displayed along with the exercise path. So you can see the entire content through the dial of the watch.

If you want to view exercise data more intuitively, using a mobile app is also a good choice. On a larger screen, all data will be displayed in the form of charts. So you can have a more direct experience of the changes in the data during exercise.

Zepp Z

Health Functions

In terms of sports, the Zepp Z professional data recording is as usual. But this time we are more concerned about the big upgrade in health protection. The brand-new blood oxygen detection and ECG detection function, for urban people who often work overtime, it can provide more help for heart safety and healthy life.

Zepp Z

When testing blood oxygen, the arm is required to be flat on the table and not to move.

The OxygenBeats blood oxygen engine of the Zepp Z has a success rate of 96% in blood oxygen measurement and a 90% accuracy rate. This is only 1.67% in error with a medical-grade blood oximeter. Frequent measurement of blood oxygen saturation can avoid working under the condition of low blood oxygen saturation and physical fatigue, and rest in time to avoid further damage to the body.

Zepp Z

If you want to use ECG detection, you need to follow the prompts and keep your other hand in contact with the capacitance button on the upper right side of the Zepp Z during the measurement period to get the measurement result.

Heart rate monitoring

The value of the measurement result will be displayed on the dial. If you want to view the ECG image, you need to open the app. If you are not worried about the results of the software diagnosis, you can also download the Midong Health app and communicate with experts for more detailed and professional interpretation.

In addition to the two rare functions of blood oxygen detection and ECG detection, the common 24-hour heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring of smartwatches are available on the Zepp Z.

Sleep monitoring

Like sleep monitoring, the measured data is very accurate, covering the three stages of light sleep, deep sleep and rapid eye movement. It can also make reasonable suggestions based on the results, which is very helpful for users to develop healthy lifestyle habits.

The Zepp Z also supports the characteristic PAI vitality index system, which can quantify the exercise load required by the human body to maintain a healthy state in a day, display it in numerical form, and provide clear task goals to help users obtain PAI values ​​and maintain physical health.


In addition to the important health and exercise functions of smartwatches, daily shortcut functions are also worthy of attention. The Zepp Z not only supports common alarm clocks, compasses, altimeters and other widgets, but also provides offline voice assistants and mobile payment functions, making daily use more convenient and faster.

Voice Control

The Zepp Z supports both Xiao Ai and offline voice control. Needless to say, Xiao Ai, when connected to a smartphone, can not only help complete some functional operations, but also provide answers to various questions.

The offline voice assistant is more practical and can be more helpful for daily control. Say a standard offline voice command sentence pattern, and it can perform the corresponding operation. It’s like setting a countdown. You need to press the function button, slide to select the stopwatch, slide to adjust the time, and finally confirm to complete. But through voice, you only need to say “countdown XX”, which makes the smartwatch more controllable than before.

NFC and Mobile Payment

The Zepp Z supports NFC function. So it is natural to simulate bus cards and access cards. For the encrypted access card, it can also directly simulate a blank card, and then go to the property to authorize the activation.

On the Zepp Z, a window similar to the one-screen design of a smartphone is also provided, which can be entered by swiping to the left of the dial interface. It displays all the contents such as weather, PAI vitality index, alarm clock, daily plan, message reminder.


Magnetic wireless charging base

There are no metal contacts on the bottom of the watch.

The Zepp Z changed the original wired charging to wireless charging, which is also a big upgrade. The magnetic wireless charging base has moderate magnetic force. It can ensure alignment and positioning. Also, it can be separated in time when the wire is accidentally pulled. This greatly reduces the risk of falling. It can also be used with existing wireless chargers, reducing the burden of redundant wires.

According to official data, the Zepp Z can reach 15 days of battery life in daily mode. Plus, you can use it for up to 30 days under long battery life. However, the very power-consuming functions such as ECG measurement and GPS exercise will have a greater impact on battery life. If you use these functions frequently, battery life will decrease.

The Bottom Line

After experiencing the Zepp Z, we have to say that although it is the second product after the upgrade of the Zepp brand, the Zepp Z has undoubtedly reached the height that a flagship smartwatch should have. Regardless of appearance or function, its design is worthy of the flagship.

Generally, mechanical watches have always been a representative of high-end watches in people’s minds. So the Zepp Z chose this design style to satisfy most users’ feelings for high-end mechanical watches. Coupled with the high-end material of the cowhide strap + titanium alloy bezel, we can say that the Zepp Z imitated metal watch design meets people’s pursuit of high-end watches in both style and materials.

Not to mention the functions. Zepp itself has accumulated many years of technology in the field of motion sensors, coupled with the powerful BioTracker™ 2 PPG biological tracking optical sensor. So Zepp can provide the most comprehensive assistance and monitoring at the moment.

Coupled with various small functions such as voice assistant, Alipay offline payment, NFC card package, etc., the Zepp Z can also bring great help to convenient life in daily life.

Finally, the Zepp Z costs 2,699 yuan ($411) and has already been pre-sold. If you want a classic mechanical watch with the texture and professional health management function, there are not many choices left to you, and Zepp Z is the most suitable one.

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