VIVO NEX 3S/iQOO 5 and Other Models Are Early Adopters Of OriginOS

Yesterday, VIVO announced the OriginOS adaptation plan. The new system will be launched by the next-generation X series flagship. On January 31, 2021 old models will be getting open beta. The first batch of beta models will be the Vivo NEX 3S, Vivo X50 series, Vivo S7, iQOO 5 series, iQOO 3, iQOO Pro, iQOO and iQOO Neo3 and so on.

The second batch of public beta is scheduled to start before the Spring Festival in 2021. The public beta will come to models, including the Vivo NEX 3, Vivo NEX 3 5G, Vivo X30 series, iQOO Neo, and iQOO Neo 855 version. The third batch of public beta will come to models in Q2 2021. It will cover the Vivo X27, Vivo S6, Vivo S5, Vivo S1 Pro, Vivo S1, Vivo Z6, Vivo Z5 series, iQOO Z1x, iQOO Z1. This batch will also include Vivo NEX dual-screen version, Vivo NEX S and Vivo NEX/NEX screen fingerprint version, etc.

OriginOS New Features

The new OriginOS has been greatly upgraded in terms of fluency. It reduces the jitter of touch through the analysis and smoothing of touch data report points. It optimizes the touch response speed of key scenes such as edge touch and games. Touch jitter is reduced by 30.32%, and the touch delay is reduced by 46.27% at the maximum. It realizes the organic unity of vision and touch, and ensures a stable and smooth experience.

And OriginOS has brought a brand new Multi-Turbo 5.0, including visual response priority, optimal allocation of computing resources. It also includes application preload 2.0, intelligent freezing technology 2.0, VPG 2.0 and other technological innovations.


More importantly, in the fluency evaluation project of Thiel Labs, OriginOS’s response speed and chirality have reached the industry-leading level.  It has obtained a five-star fluency certificate. So, in terms of image beautification and restoration, OriginOS brings the functions of night portrait and old photo restoration.


In terms of smart home, Vivo’s smart home IOT now covers 9 types of smart devices. They support security, kitchen appliances, cleaning, lighting, sports and health, etc. It has been connected to more than 95% of the categories in the industry, vertical life and various fields, creating convenience Open smart life scene.

In addition, Vivo OriginOS provides a full-link, full-lifecycle security solution. In terms of privacy protection, the official emphasizes strict compliance with the GDPR and relevant laws and regulations of various countries to provide consumers with reliable products and services. At present, Vivo’s safety products and solutions have obtained the 1466.1 certification of the Public Security Institute.


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