VIVO Released New Smartphone Operating System – OriginOS

On November 18, VIVO released a new smartphone operating system – OriginOS.

The biggest change in OriginOS is on the desktop. Ge Yanan, director of user experience design at VIVO, introduced that OriginOS pioneered the desktop architecture system ‘Huarong Grid’, rearranging desktop elements to be tidier than before.

Huarong Grid

Under the new desktop system, ‘atomic components’ can start from the smallest desktop unit to determine the presentation mode of notification content and the interactive mode of system functions. In the new architecture of OriginOS, the notification system re-evolves to help users extract core information at different times. At the same time, the interaction logic of common functions such as music is also integrated to facilitate users’ quick operations.

Desktop layout

At the same time, in OriginOS, users can customize the visual and interactive methods.

OriginOS introduced the ‘Deformer’ function, which supports user-defined window styles and icon styles. The ‘Interaction Pool’ allows users to choose familiar interaction methods. They can be combined and reproduced from operating gestures, call-out locations of the control center to system navigation methods.

The ‘Super Card Pack’ integrates functions such as scanning, payment code, and bus code, which can be called out on the desktop, app or lock screen interface.

OriginOS also has a new feature called ‘Original View Window’. It allows users to feel the external weather and environmental changes without affecting the operation of the main screen. In the 16 scenes from sunrise to sunset, users can perceive the ambient brightness, light and color temperature at different times.

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In addition to visual perception, OriginOS also uses ‘timeline design’ to show changes in time. The clock interface is not a static picture. It presents a different texture and color every minute and every second. In addition, the ‘atomic notifications’ are also in chronological order and only display relevant core information for users.

VIVO once launched FuntouchOS, a smartphone operating system based on the Android system, in October 2013. This system will continue to get updates in the following years. In September 2020, VIVO released the FuntouchOS 11 system based on Android 11.

OriginOS is regarded as an upgraded version of Funtouch OS. This year, several Chinese smartphone brands have made efforts in operating systems. Xiaomi’s MIUI and OPPO’s ColorOS have been greatly improved based on Android, and Huawei’s Harmony OS 2.0 will also be released for smartphones in December.


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