Samsung Galaxy S21 To Support Voice Unlocking Function

When the Samsung Galaxy S21 (or Galaxy S30) will be released in 2021, it may bring another unlock method. SamMobile reported that Samsung is bringing back the Bixby voice unlocking function for the Galaxy S21 as an alternative to fingerprint recognition when it is not convenient to use.

According to reports, Samsung plans to launch the voice unlock function on the Galaxy S21 first. Afterward, it will add this function to other devices.

In One UI 3.1, Bixby will be able to unlock a Galaxy S21 using voice recognition in the same way that a fingerprint, PIN, or face unlock can. Specifics aren’t totally clear yet, but based on how Samsung handles face unlock, it’s unclear if Samsung would put any measures in place to ensure the phone can’t be unlocked with just a recording of your voice.

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Of course, the security of voice unlocking may still be in doubt. The person who owns your high-quality voice recording can theoretically unlock your phone. Fingerprint recognition or iris scanning is usually harder to be deceived. But voice unlocking will be more secure than basic facial unlocking on many Android phones. Of course, its biggest benefit is its convenience. So, you can use it to unlock the phone when the user cannot touch or look at the phone.

Other selling points

Of course, voice unlocking is not the main selling point of the Galaxy S21. If the previous rumors are accurate, the new product line will rely on camera upgrades, such as the second-generation 108-megapixel sensor in the Ultra model and improved 4K and 8K video recording. Of course, there is the next generation of Snapdragon chips, Ultra models may introduce S Pen support. In addition, it may mark the end of the Galaxy Note series.

We have learned that the Galaxy S21 series may be available as early as January next year, but it may also be released in February or March.

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