Huami Official Announced The New Product Amazfit GTS 2 Mini

This afternoon , Huami officially announced that the new Amazfit GTS 2 mini will be released on December 1.

Huami Technology founder and CEO Huang Wang revealed that the upcoming Amazfit GTS 2 mini will be lighter, thinner, more refined, smaller and more youthful.

The Amazfit GTS 2 mini will use a square rounded dial and a borderless design. There is a prominent button on the side of the dial. It is available in at least three colors of black, green and pink. The color of the strap is in harmony with the color of the watch body. For consumers who like exquisite styles, such a “mini” smart watch is quite attractive.

On September 22 this year, Huami launched the Amazfit GTS 2 watch, priced at 999 yuan ($152). From the naming point of view, the new product will be the “youth version” of the Amazfit GTS 2 watch. It may be slightly lower in terms of positioning and price. As for whether it is only the screen size reduction or the overall reduction, it can only be announced on the day of the official release.

In addition, the Amazfit GTS 2 supports blood oxygen detection, supports 12 professional sports modes. They not only cover the needs of most sports enthusiasts, but also provide rich data records. And the GTS 2 has a heart rate monitoring function during exercise. It can accurately record your heart rate changes, and an alarm will appear when the heart rate is too fast. The GTS 2 also has a magic weapon. It can add a lot to your sports experience, and that is its independent music playback function.

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