Lu Weibing: Redmi Cost Performance Has Nothing To Do With Rivals

Yesterday, Lu Weibing, the vice president of Xiaomi Group, posted an announcement about the Redmi K40 series on Weibo. The post informs about the release of the K40 series coming next month. The prices of smartphones start at 2999 Yuan ($464).

The title of this Weibo post is as follows: Talking about Redmi’s ultimate price-performance ratio and flagship product concept. Lu Weibing reported in the blog that the price/performance ratio of Redmi has nothing to do with its friends. Moreover, the vice-president mentioned that this ratio had been the best for a long time. The ultimate price-performance ratio is Redmi’s brand mission and unchanging brand genes. Besides, only Redmi can surpass itself in terms of price/performance ratio. In 2021, Redmi will continue to carry out high quality and extreme price-performance ratio under the banner of “moving people’s hearts and kind prices”.

What’s more interesting is that Lu Weibing added in yesterday’s notice that the Redmi K40 series is the flagship of the Snapdragon 888. Therefore it may use the most expensive straight screen, and a great battery capacity (more than 4000mAh). As a reminder, in 2020, Xiaomi and Redmi brands have released a total of more than 20 new products and all of them support a battery capacity higher than 4000mAh.

Lu Weibing once again emphasized these selling points today.

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