Xiaomi Launches “Positive Energy” Mouse Pad: The Price Is 39 Yuan ($6)

Today, Xiaomi Mall put a lower price on the Xiaomi Positive energy mouse pad. So, this product is currently available for 39 Yuan ($6). That happened after Xiaomi’s super-large double-material mouse pad was placed on the shelves for 49 Yuan ($7.5).

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The Positive energy super waterproof mouse pad has the printing with the slogan: “Always believe that beautiful things are about to happen”. The size of this Xiaomi newest mouse pad is 800mm*400mm. This mouse pad has a delicate surface fabric material. It supports upgraded functions and 4-5 water repellent level. Besides, the surface can easily shake off when water drops.

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In comparison with the Positive energy model, the Xiaomi super-large waterproof mouse pad adopts a combination of natural rubber and textile cloth as a whole. Hence, it has the characteristics of being bent, and it is not easy to deform it. On top of that, the super-large mouse pad has PU material with a splash resistance level of 3. On the other hand, the back of the mouse pad has a European natural oak bark material.

The Xiaomi Super Double Material Mouse Pad and the Xiaomi Positive energy mouse pad are on sale now. Interested friends can check it in Xiaomi Mall.

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