Mi 11 Image Performance Announced, Using 123° Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens

Before the end of 2020, Xiaomi presented the first flagship smartphone equipped with the Snapdragon 888 mobile platform. Although Xiaomi has not released the Mi 11 Pro yet, the Mi 11 image performance is quite extraordinary. We mean usually the Pro versions are focusing on this or that feature more, and more frequently, it’s the photography. But even the standard version of Xiaomi’s annual flagship has all chances to conquer the first position in DXo.

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The Xiaomi Mi 11 uses a unique arrangement of camera modules. Some bloggers even call it “Tai Chi” with a smile and make a smartphone case to match this expression. As recently posted, the smartphone sports a 100MP rear camera, a 1300W super wide-angle, and a 500W telephoto macro lens. Moreover, Xiaomi showed several ultra-wide-angle proofs taken by photographers using Xiaomi Mi 11. Below are some examples:

The Xiaomi Mi 11 uses a 100MP movie camera with a 30% increase in photo speed. Besides, it has a 1/1.33-inch outsole, 7P lens, and OIS optical image stabilization. The latest supports a new telephoto macro and 123° ultra-wide-angle lens. Furthermore, it has eight movie filters and supports the new magic sky, magic clone video version, and time still.

Thus, the Mi 11 image performance is perfect. According to the official introduction, the camera’s video photography is co-modulated by David, the chief colorist of the Digital Kingdom.

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