Xiaomi TV Will Ship 14 Million Units This Year And MediaTek Will Benefit

According to a report from China’s Taiwan Economic Daily, Xiaomi TV appeared among the top five global brands in the first half of the year. Thus, its supply chain companies such as MediaTek, panel manufacturers Innolux and AUO all benefited. Actually, high cost performance is the main reason for the rapid development of Xiaomi TV.

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Omdia, a market research organization, pointed out that Xiaomi TV has ranked first in domestic sales. The Chinese market has become the basic market, supported by stable numbers. The global sales of Mi TVs this year will reach 14 million units, an increase of one million units over last year. The previous target was 16 million units, but because of the impact of the epidemic, it was slightly corrected.

Mi TV Master Extreme Edition

Taiwan’s Xiaomi pointed out, that global TV sales reached 2.8 million units in the second quarter of this year, making it the world’s top five LCD TV brands. This time it came to Taiwan to launch a 65-inch large display, completing the last piece of the puzzle for Xiaomi in the living room appliances.

Xiaomi came to Taiwan to launch the Xiaomi 65-inch smart display conference. The first wave of discounted price is only 16,999 yuan ($2545). It is quite below the industry average. Xiaomi aims to achieve the largest market share in Taiwan’s 65-inch market, and there will be mainstream sizes next year 55 inches came to Taiwan to capture the market.

According to reorts, researchers from the display department of Omdia said that in terms of supply chain, Mi TV foundries are mainly based on Ruixuan and TPV. But Xiaomi purchases panels in two modes, self-purchasing and commissioned by OEMs.

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