MediaTek 5G Chip Shipments To Exceed 120 Million In 2021

According to Taiwan’s “Economic Daily” quoting industry insiders, due to increased orders from major customers such as OPPO, Vivo, and Xiaomi, MediaTek may ship more than 120 million 5G chips next year. In contrast, the company expects its 5G chip shipments this year to exceed 45 million.

MediaTek shipments

Industry insiders pointed out that MediaTek’s 5G chip shipments surged mainly due to the massive replacement wave of global 5G smartphones next year. In particular, Chinese non-Apple brands are almost all MediaTek customers. MediaTek has a high cost-effective advantage and customers widely adopt it.

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According to another report, Huawei has announced the division of Honor. Honor’s annual shipments of 70 million mid-to-low-end smartphones are another major source of sourcing for MediaTek. It makes MediaTek’s 5G chip shipments next year seems to challenge 150 million.

According to industry analysts, MediaTek’s market share of 5G smartphones this year is about 22.5%. The current industry (including MediaTek) generally estimates that global smartphone shipments will reach about 500 million next year. So, if MediaTek’s 5G chips are released next year with more than 120 million pieces of goods, the market share can climb to about 24%. If the annual surpassed 150 million pieces, we can expect the market share to further challenge the 30% mark. And therefore, it will narrow the gap with Qualcomm.

We can understand that MediaTek expects their Dimensity series of 5G smartphone processors will also have good sales this year. And we expect the shipments to exceed 45 million this year.

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