Lei Jun: Xiaomi Smartphones Do Their Best In The Chinese Market

Recently, Lei Jun said in an interview that Xiaomi will unswervingly take the Chinese market as its roots while accelerating globalization. It is an undeniable fact that Xiaomi smartphones do their best in the Chinese market.

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Lei Jun revealed that Xiaomi’s turnover was 205.8 billion yuan ($30.6 billion) last year, ranking 422th among the world’s top 500 companies. From a regional perspective, the Chinese market accounts for half, and the international market accounts for half.

3 development ideas

He also said that in the face of the current complex international situation, Xiaomi has three development ideas. First, it does its best to do its business in China. In order to meet the consumption upgrade trend in the domestic market, Xiaomi announced its entry into the high-end smartphone market this year and achieved success.

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The second is to unswervingly promote globalization. “We have entered the top three in the European smartphone market, and hope to rank first in the next few years.”- he told. The third is to pursue localization in globalization on the road of internationalization.

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Lei Jun said that “we must not only sell our products to various countries and serve consumers well but also truly become a local enterprise in each country to help the locals achieve progress in technological consumption.” To this end, Xiaomi has done a lot of work. In the next few years, we will stick to the path of “stable and long-term growth and high-quality growth”.

Xiaomi will insist on cost-effectiveness

Regarding the question of whether insisting on cost performance and entering the high-end market is contradictory, Lei Jun explained that high-cost performance means that the same price has better performance, better products, and better prices for the same products. Therefore, whether it is to make popular products or high-end products, Xiaomi will insist on cost-effectiveness. So consumers can rest assured to buy Xiaomi smartphones and other products.

Lei Jun said that Xiaomi’s achievements in the past 10 years far exceed their plan 10 years ago. Looking back at the past 10 years, it is the 10 years of the mobile Internet. Moreover, we are the first to use “Internet + Manufacturing” to promote the development of the entire industry. Nowadays, domestically-made hardware is gradually improving, and Xiaomi has also made some contributions.

“In the next 10 years, Xiaomi Group will make up its mind to start a new business and start again. Made in China has unlimited possibilities, and I am full of confidence in the future,” he said.

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