Xiaomi Youpin Launches New Ultrafiltration Water Purifier

At present, the mainstream water purifiers on the market use RO membrane filtration. The price is generally more than 1,000 yuan ($153). It not only needs to be connected to a power source, it also has wastewater. Today, Xiaomi Youpin has launched a Xiaolang ultrafiltration water purifier, priced at 499 yuan ($77). It achieves zero waste water and zero electricity cost, and no control socket is required under the pool.


The core feature is the replaced RO membrane with an ultrafiltration membrane. The ultrafiltration membrane uses a high-efficiency hollow fiber membrane as the core filter layer, with a filtration accuracy of 0.1um. It can effectively filter out harmful substances in the water, remove odors, and improve the taste. According to the official, compared to RO water purifiers, hollow fiber ultrafiltration membranes can purify water while retaining beneficial minerals. They can also supplementing the daily needs of trace elements.

The Xiaolang Ultrafiltration water purifier adopts a composite integrated filter element. It integrates folding PP + activated carbon fiber + activated carbon rod + ultrafiltration membrane technology. It is for effectively filter out rust, sediment, colloid and other particles in the water, as well as residual chlorine, bacteria and other pollutants. The 4-fold filtration can make the water quality better. The Xiaolang ultrafiltration water purifier adopts a large flow design of 2L per minute.

The Xiaolang ultrafiltration water purifier has a minimalist appearance design. The measurements are only 215x319x60mm. In addition, this product adopts a simple replacement design of the filter element. So users can easily replace the filter element by themselves. So, you can complete it in 10 seconds without having to look for an after-sale service. The single filter element design only needs to replace once a year, at only 50 cents/day.

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