Mi Water Purifier H1000G Released: Xiaomi’s Largest Water Purifier To Date

Today, Xiaomi officially announced the Mi Water Purifier H1000G. Its price is 3,999 yuan ($559). The reservation price is 2,999 yuan ($419). According to the reports, this is also “Xiaomi’s largest throughput water purifier to date.”

In general, water purifiers are extremely necessary equipment for every family . With a compact design, optimal filtration efficiency and smart structure, this will be a worthy choice to invest in bringing pure, healthy water.

Mi Water Purifier H1000G

The Mi Water Purifier has a large flow rate of 2.5L/min. The size of the Purifier H1000G is 429.5×158.5×427mm. In addition, the independent intelligent control faucet has a blue light orange light reminder, which can display the real-time life of the filter element and the running state of the machine. Through the Internet, users can control it via the Mijia app. Also, they can understand the water quality of the Xiaomi Water Purifier in the home in real time. If the filter element needs to be replaced, it is be automatically reminded, through the app.


The appearance of the Mi water purifier is very atmospheric. The most important thing is that the water comes out is very good, the appointment and installation are convenient and fast! The water measured by the water quality pen is less than 10, which is great!

In fact, the Mi Water Purifier H1000G uses a horizontally drawn filter element. It also has an integrated waterway design, with an OLED screen faucet. On the other hand, it includes an intelligent reminder which will remind you when the filter element expires.

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The Mi Water Purifier H1000G features patented dual RO technology. It achieves multi-stage filtration through 3 filter elements, with a water output speed of 2.5 liters in 1 minute and a 3:1 pure wastewater ratio.

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