Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier H600G Announced At 1899 Yuan ($285)

Recently, we were talking about Xiaomi’s performance in the water purifier market. Particularly, we said that the first Xiaomi water purifier came out in 2015. The first model for kitchens came at a price of only 1,299 yuan ($194). In the past 5 years, Xiaomi water purifiers from 400G, 500G, 600G to 800G (released in November 2019) can output more than 2L of water per minute. For water purification products, Xiaomi has promoted the rapid popularization of domestic 400G products to a certain extent. Today, the company announced the Mi Water Purifier H600G. It comes with a dual-outlet design and side-drawing core replacement. The initial price is 1899 yuan ($285).

Mi Water Purifier H600G

The Mi Water Purifier H600G uses a 600G high flux RO membrane, and it only takes 6 seconds to fill a glass of water. The manufacturer said that RO reverse osmosis membrane six-stage filtration can filter rust, bacteria, lead and other impurities in tap water. It can also absorb residual chlorine and odors in the water.

The Mi Water Purifier H600G comes with a double-outlet faucet. The living water on the left is filtered by a composite filter element, which can be used for washing fruits and vegetables, washing pots and dishes, without consuming the life of the RO reverse osmosis membrane filter element.

Mi Water Purifier H600G

At last, the Mi Water Purifier H600G can be also connected to the Mijia app. The latter can check the water quality, filter life and other information in real time. According to the manufacturer, Xiaomi water purifier H600G uses a new type of dual composite filter element. And only three filter elements need to be replaced in two years.

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