Xiaomi Youpin Launches Hipee Smart Pose Corrector

On October 20, Xiaomi Youpin launched a smart monitoring posture correction product – Hipee Smart Pose Corrector. It helps users to actively develop well through real-time monitoring reminders and interesting somatosensory exercises. The crowdfunding price is 99 yuan ($15).

Hipee Smart Pose Corrector

The traditional kyphosis correction belt is to force the body to straighten by external force. Because of long-term wearing, the muscles cannot get the corresponding exercise. But it will aggravate the posture problem. Correct posture correction requires the use of your own muscles to maintain the correct posture, exercise the back muscles, and fundamentally solve the posture problem.

The Hipee intelligent posture correction wizard breaks the traditional concept and helps users actively develop good posture habits through real-time monitoring reminders + interesting somatosensory exercises. After the user puts on the device and records the correct posture according to the instructions, when the device detects that the posture is incorrect, it will vibrate to remind the user until the user returns to the correct posture and take the initiative to develop good posture habits.

Hipee Smart Pose Corrector

The Hipee Smart Pose Corrector adopts a new concept of posture correction of real-time monitoring + wrong posture reminder. It has a built-in high-precision motion sensor chip and an intelligent posture correction recognition algorithm. It is combined with smartphone WeChat applet to visualize posture correction data. So you can view posture changes in real time through the WeChat applet. There are also innovations in posture recognition algorithms. It can recognize human postures in different scenarios such as sitting, bending, writing, and standing, and accurately capture posture changes.

In order to exercise weak muscles and allow users to develop good posture habits, the Hipee smart posture corrector also designs professional posture training courses and interesting somatosensory interactive games for users. It allows users to complete professional posture corrections in entertainment. So training is no longer boring.

Hipee Smart Pose Corrector

In order to meet the needs of different ages, the Hipee Smart Pose Correction Wizard has designed adult styles and children styles. The metal head for adults is cool and fashionable, and the cat paw head for children is cute and interesting. It is to improve children’s poor posture when studying, reading, and writing homework. The corrector can also effectively prevent children’s scoliosis, myopia and other problems.

This product is currently being crowdfunded by Xiaomi Youpin.

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