Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock Released: One Touch To Open The Door

This morning, Xiaomi released its first fully automatic smart door lock. The retail price of the product is 1799 yuan ($251.99).

As Xiaomi’s first high-end fully automatic smart lock, this door lock can realize one-step switching. When we say a fully automatic smart door lock, it means that after fingerprint recognition, the lock tongue of Xiaomi automatic smart lock is automatically retracted and unlocked when the door is open. And when the door is closed, the lock tongue is automatically extended and locked, without secondary operations. So, it eliminates the need to rotate/push and pull the handle when opening and closing the door.

According to Xiaomi, the internal mechanism of the automatic door lock is a power system composed of the linear driving force, planetary gear reduction. It also features micro-motor power and status sensing.


In terms of security, the C-level lock core has a fingerprint recognition rate of 98.94%. It can be combined with multi-dimensional information such as fingerprints, skin, and conductivity, 50 sets of long-term passwords, periodic passwords (nanny, hourly labor, etc.), and one-time temporary passwords. This means that this smart lock is a good choice for every kind of customer. The door lock also supports 20-bit virtual input. Furthermore, it also supports NFC unlocking, mobile Bluetooth unlocking, HomeKit unlocking, etc.

The door lock supports the smart home app. It can realize arming, turning on lights when the door is open, and reminding visitors.

This device sports 8 AA batteries. The door lock can achieve 12 months of long battery life. And you can use a Type-C for charging the battery when they are out of power.

In terms of installation and maintenance, Xiaomi promised to install it free of charge for the first time. And also we can expect a 3-year free warranty.

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