Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier With Dual-Circulation Spray Design Released

On September 21, Xiaomi officially released the Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier. It is now available in the Xiaomi store. The crowdfunding will officially start at 10 am on September 23. The retail price is 229 yuan ($33.65) and the crowdfunding price is 199 yuan ($29.25).

The Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier simulates the natural evaporation of water. It humidifies the air by spraying the filter element and then evaporating the water. It is supplemented by a redesigned waterway and air duct system to form a double circulation inside and outside.

Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier

This method can continuously evaporate the water into a humid air stream and send it out. So the air can be kept fresh and moisturized efficiently and lastingly, and the indoor dryness can be dispersed.

Unlike the ultrasonic method, the natural evaporation method does not pick up the water source. So it can use tap water without worrying about white powder.

Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier

The Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier filter element is composed of high-density water-absorbing fibers. When it evaporates naturally, it can block the diffusion of impurities in the water. It can be purely humidified even with tap water. This humidifier is suitable for pregnant women, babies, the elderly, and people who are sensitive to breathing.

New Technology Developed By Xiaomi

Xiaomi developed a new type of water pump structure. It automatically circulates the pump to spray on the filter element when working, always maintains a full water absorption state. It also continuously evaporates and humidifies the air.

Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier

The surface of the humidifier body has as many as 240 air holes. The air enters at the same time can make the evaporation more efficient. Then they can send surging humid air through the turbo fan to nourish the entire space. With the upper water injection design, tap water can be added directly from the top water injection port. It is easy and convenient, and can humidify up to 19 hours at a time.

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