Xiaomi Mi Walkie-Talkie Lite Quick Review

The product we bring to you today is Xiaomi’s upcoming product, the Mi Walkie Talkie Lite. In the eyes of most people, the walkie-talkie is a wireless communication device. Why should we use the walkie-talkie when the smartphone is so developed now? This is also the reason we want to introduce to you today.

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Nowadays, social communication is very developed, and electronic products and communication equipment are also diverse. At this time, do everyone think that walkie-talkies are useless? Nope, this is not the case. All our electronic devices now depend on the development of the network and the transmission of smartphone signals. To give a simple example, have you ever been to a concert performance? Did you feel that the signal of the smartphone is very poor? During such ‘crowded’ events, we even can’t send messages, why?

This is because the signal base stations in your area have reached saturation, and the population is too dense, causing the signal connection to be unavailable. At this time, if you have a walkie-talkie, can it solve all problems?

Let’s see why this walkie-talkie released by Xiaomi is unique.


This is another new product of the Xiaomi ecological chain, the Xiaomi Mi Walkie-Talkie Lite.

Xiaomi Mi Walkie-Talkie Lite

When we open the package, we can see the inside is relatively simple. There is only a walkie-talkie and a charging cable.

Xiaomi Mi Walkie-Talkie Lite

The models we received this time are white and black. This depends on personal preference to choose white or black. We were afraid that we could not distinguish the two. So we chose different colors. So when testing, we will know which one we are using.

Xiaomi Mi Walkie-Talkie Lite Design

The overall design is very simple, with the Xiaomi logo on the front and larger speakers to make the sound louder.

Xiaomi Mi Walkie-Talkie Lite

There is a channel adjustment button on the top, supporting a total of 15 fast channels. You can switch between them quickly.

Xiaomi Mi Walkie-Talkie Lite

The largest one on the side is the call button – press and hold to speak. There are also one switch button and two volume adjustment buttons.

Xiaomi Mi Walkie-Talkie Lite

There are multiple metal contacts on the bottom, which should be prepared to provide a charger.

The side carries a charging port and a headphone jack. It can be used with the corresponding headset to free your hands.

Outdoor use

If you are a person who likes to travel in groups by self-driving, we think you need a walkie-talkie in your car. In terms of appearance and practicality, it is definitely a double enjoyment.

Xiaomi Mi Walkie-Talkie Lite

We think it is more convenient to use the walkie-talkie outdoors than a smartphone. First, you have to unlock the phone, then open the software, find the corresponding contact, and finally send the content.

The use of walkie-talkies can be easily done with only one button.

It is also very convenient to carry around. You can use the buckle on the back of the walkie-talkie to clip it on your pants or backpack.

Transmission distance & frequency

The official transmission distance of the walkie-talkie is 3-5 kilometers (unobstructed). The actual test should not be that far. The transmission audio within 1 km is still relatively clear, and the sound will appear in the city or heavily blocked places about 2 kilometers. For 3 kilometers away, it really needs to be unobstructed to ensure normal transmission.

Frequency linking is also convenient for operation. As long as the channels of the two walkie-talkies are kept the same, they can be quickly connected.

You can also use the Mijia app to set it up. In a place with serious interference, choose your own channel to ensure that the call is normal.


Pros: We think the biggest advantage of the Xiaomi Mi Walkie-Talkie Lite is its appearance. It is different from most walkie-talkies on the market.

Cons: If you ask us to find the shortcomings of a walkie-talkie, we think there should be no battery display. It can be seen when connected to the app. So it can be charged at any time and maintain the battery. Hope the next generation will fix this.

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