Mijia Washing And Drying Machine Is Available Priced At 1999 Yuan ($300)

Deformed? Shrunk? Do good clothes spoil after washing a few times? A new Xiaomi washing machine was released today. The Mijia Washing and Drying Machine 10Kg will be available for pre-sale in all channels on March 25. The new product solves the drawbacks of washing bad clothes.

The normal price of the Mijia washing and drying machine is 2,499 yuan ($375). And the pre-sale price on March 25 is only 1999 yuan ($300).

Mijia washing and drying machine

The previous Mijia Internet direct-drive washing and drying integrated machine used the fifth-generation direct-drive motor. This time it has been upgraded to the sixth-generation direct-drive motor. In addition, the motor does not go through a belt drive and directly drives the washing machine wave plate or inner cylinder through the bearing. So, the machine is stable and quieter, achieving 50-decibel silent washing.

Washing, drying, and sterilization functions

It is worth noting, that the washing machine has three functions of washing, drying, and sterilization. It also comes with imported chips and intelligent algorithms. On the other hand, you can precisely control it to achieve gentle washing of <90° and care for the clothes.

The Mijia Direct Drive Washing and Drying Integrated Machine 10Kg supports 22 washing and drying programs. The 16 programs on the panel are free to choose from. You can control another 6 through the Mijia app. You can also adjust 4 parameters.

After washing, this washer-dryer also supports intelligent drying. Its built-in sensor can sense the temperature in the cylinder in real-time.

The Mijia direct-drive washing and drying machine is certified by the authoritative institution for wool washing. After the wool fabric is cleaned, the plush is restored to softness.

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