MIJIA Pulsator Washing Machine Fully 10KG is On The Shelves

In addition to Xiaomi’s four smartphones, the Xiaomi laptop and the Xiaomi Mi Band 6, Xiaomi will also launch a series of smart home products today. They include routers, a newly defined next-generation air conditioner, and a new-generation humidifier, new sweeping and dragging robots, etc. Now, the “Mijia New Product Washing and Drying Three Musketeers” have been put on shelves on platforms such as JD.com. The new Mijia pulsator washing machine’s price is 1,499 yuan (about $229).

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MIJIA Pulsator Washing Machine Features

According to the manufacturer, the MIJIA Pulsator Washing Machine 10kg is capable of washing 48 shirts, 4 one-meter floor-to-ceiling curtains, 16 pairs of jeans, 4 sets of four sets of bed, and the clothes of a family of four all at once. It features 16 professional washing programs. Also, the machine can be used to wash delicate or high-end fabrics as there are several washing programs. You can switch between eight of the 16 professional washing programs with just a single button on the machine.  Also, the MIJIA app grants users access to an extra 8 professional programs to choose from.

Mijia pulsator washing machine

This washing machine uses a panoramic glass damping cover and an all-metal body. It also has a large capacity of 10kg, supports NFC intelligent interconnection, and remote control by Xiao Ai. In addition, the machine supports DIY washing procedures, has a mite removal rate of 99.9%, supports self-cleaning of the inner barrel.  At last, its also have a magic thread dust filter box.

Mijia pulsator washing machine

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