Xiaomi Siqu Announced: The First Quad-Curved Waterfall Screen Concept Phone

Today, Xiaomi issued another interesting statement and showed its next concept phone, the Xiaomi Siqu. It is the first quad-curved waterfall screen concept phone in the world. The promo video shows the machine not only uses a waterfall screen design on both sides but also uses a waterfall screen-like arc at the top and bottom.

Xiaomi Siqu quad-curved waterfall screen

According to the official introduction, this quad-curved waterfall screen concept phone adopts an 88-degree ultra-curved screen design on all sides. This means that the frame around the machine is almost replaced by the screen. In addition, the phone’s body has no holes or buttons, showing a non-hole design.

We should also note that this is a concept product. In other words, this phone will not be mass-produced for the time being. And of course, consumers will not be able to buy it. It is more to show the smartphone manufacturers’ exploration of future mobile phone forms.

Xiaomi Siqu quad-curved waterfall screen

However, we should mention that waterfall screens are not uncommon for us. Last year, the VIVO NEX 3 and Huawei Mate 30 Pro adopted similar designs. Xiaomi’s concept phone uses 88-degree curved surfaces on both sides of the screen. Also, it has 88-degree curved surfaces on top and bottom. To achieve this, it needs not only a bendable flexible screen but also a quad-curved glass and corresponding glass technology.

According to the official introduction, Xiaomi uses its self-developed glass processing equipment to form a single piece by hot bending at 800 degrees high temperature and high pressure. It uses four different polishing equipment and more than ten complex polishing processes to create a four-sided 88-degree deep bend super curved glass. In addition, an innovative screen stacking design is adopted to overcome the bending stress caused by the bending angle and the extremely small bending radius.

Xiaomi Siqu quad-curved waterfall screen

New Technologies Along Quad-Curved Waterfall Screen Design

Another highlight of the machine is the integrated non-porous design. Xiaomi believes that “the shape of future mobile phones depends on the shape of the screen.” As a result, the quad-curved waterfall screen was used to replace the middle frame of the phone. So the physical buttons and openings disappeared.

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Xiaomi Siqu quad-curved waterfall screen

In order to achieve this goal, Xiaomi applied for 46 independent research and development patents. The new machine uses ultra-thin piezoelectric ceramics to achieve external sound emission. And it also uses flexible film screen sound technology to replace the earpiece. In addition, there are technologies such as high-power wireless charging, pressure-sensitive buttons, and third-generation under-screen lenses to solve the problem of opening holes for charging and taking pictures.

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