Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold Will Use Self-Developed Liquid Lens

Today, Xiaomi announced “I’m Coming Back”. The  Xiaomi  Mi MIX, after two years, will make a strong return. “With endless technical strength, we will live up to the expectations of hundreds of millions of users.”

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 Xiaomi MI MIX Key Features

This afternoon, Xiaomi announced that the liquid lens will first appear on the Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold. This is a magical innovation, just like the “human eye lens, it is installed in the lens of a smartphone. The flowable liquid is wrapped by a film, replacing the traditional optical lens. In addition it realizes the change of focal length and focus. In this way, a lens can be microscopic at close distance and can be telephoto far away.

According to the company, Xiaomi’s self-developed liquid lens makes it possible for macro and telephoto to coexist. The liquid structure of the crystalline lens can precisely control the shape of the liquid spherical surface through a motor to achieve precise and rapid focusing. At the same time, it has the characteristics of high light transmittance, ultra-low dispersion and resistance to extreme environments. Lei Jun also released a promotional film about the miraculous liquid lens of  the Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold.

In addition,  Xiaomi will hold a spring conference at 19:30 on March 29. Furthermore, new products such as the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro / Ultra and the Xiaomi Notebook Pro will be released soon. The latter has not got a new product for three years. There is no doubt that Xiaomi’s new MIX folding screen smart phone will become the focus of everyone’s attention.

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