Redmi K40 Comes With A Large 4520mah Battery As Standard

Yesterday, Redmi announced on its official Weibo: Redmi K40 comes standard with a large battery of 4520mAh.

In addition to the disclosure of battery information, Redmi also displayed a brand-new spokesperson poster this morning. The smartphone in the hands of the spokesperson Wang Yibo is the Redmi K40 series Mo Yu version that will come soon.

We can see from related posters and promotional videos that the Redmi K40 series has a thin and light body appearance. Redmi officials also stated that the K40 series also pursues the ultimate light and thin feel under the premise of strong battery life.

Redmi K40 overall parameters

In addition, the Redmi official also stated that the Snapdragon 888 flagship must have a battery capacity of no less than 4500mAh. It will never be a gimmick selling point and sacrifice battery life. And in addition to the powerful performance configuration, the K40 series will also have strong battery life and a thin and light body. So, we can descripe it as an “all-round”.

Previously, we have reported that the measurements of the phone are 163.7×76.4×7.8mm. In other words, the company isn’t compromising with the form factor or the battery pack’s size. Talking about the other specs, the K40 features a 6.67-inch display with a punch-hole selfie shooter on the front. And the screen arrives with a high 120hz refresh rate as well. The device will also support up to 33W fast charging along with support for Dolby Atmos audio. Moreover, it also supports dual Hi-Res small gold standard certification.

As for the charging speed, Redmi officially stated that “K40 results are not bad, see the live test”. Perhaps there will be a corresponding fast charging display at the new product launch event on the evening of February 25.

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