Samsung Launches Powerful ISOCELL GN2 Image Sensor

Today, Samsung Electronics officially launched a new generation of 50 MP ISOCELL GN2 image sensor with 1.4μm (micron) large pixels. It can achieve up to 100MP of ultra-high-definition photo output. And the image sensor can use full-pixel dual-core Focus Pro technology that fully enhances the focus ability. It can also achieve more vivid image effects under different lighting environments through line-interlaced HDR and intelligent ISO Pro technology.

The ISOCELL GN2 sensor with a 1/1.12-inch outsole is very powerful. In addition to being able to take 50 MP 1.4μm (micron) photos in a normal environment, you can use the ISOCELL GN2 in dark environments such as night or indoor. The pixels are combined to form a large pixel of 2.8μm (micrometer). The latter absorbs more light and takes brighter and clearer photos. In the 100 MP mode, ISOCELL GN2 will first rearrange the green, red and blue pixels to generate three independent single-frame images through intelligent algorithms. Then it will enlarge and merge them to finally generate a resolution of up to 100 MP. So, it can provide Ultra HD photos.

Fast focusing effect without any dynamic changes

ISOCELL GN2 is Samsung’s first image sensor with full-pixel dual-core focusing Pro technology. Each pixel has two photodiodes of the image sensor to achieve ultra-high-speed autofocus through 100 MP phase-detection points. You can still achieve the fast focusing effect without any dynamic changes in the horizontal direction of the screen. Since each pixel of the sensor has a built-in focal point, ISOCELL GN2 can significantly improve the effect of low-light focusing and moving target tracking.

For environments with complex lighting darkness such as sunsets or indoors, ISOCELL GN2 can once again increase the dynamic range through single-frame progressive HDR. Compared with the previous real-time HDR, line-interleaved HDR can reduce the power consumption of the sensor by 24%, by reducing the power consumption of the entire imaging system.

ISOCELL GN2 2 functions

The Samsung ISOCELL GN2 also supports two functions: Smart ISO and Smart ISO Pro. Among them, Smart ISO can intelligently select the ISO of the shooting scene, and automatically reduce the ISO value in an environment with sufficient outdoor light. On the other hand, it can automatically increase the ISO value when the indoor light is low. Unlike Smart ISO, the Smart ISO Pro can simultaneously set the highest and lowest ISO values ​​in the shooting scene to shoot images with a higher dynamic range. The Smart ISO can only set a single ISO value.

In addition, in extremely dark environments, Smart ISO Pro can also achieve multi-frame high-speed continuous shooting under high ISO. It raises the ISO sensitivity to a level close to 1 million, further improving the night shooting effect.

The ISOCELL GN2 sensor supports FHD/480fps or 4K/120fps high-quality video shooting. At the same time, it brings more possibilities for those who like short video creation and video socializing.

The ISOCELL GN2 will be released by the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra first. It will be unveiled next month with an exclusive period. The Mi 11 Ultra sporting ISOCELL GN2 will inevitably be number one on the DXOMARK camera list at the time. So, it is worth looking forward to.

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