Realme Race To Debut Snapdragon 888 Mobile Platform

Today, Realme announced a new product, code-named “Race”. This is Realme’s first flagship in 2021. It is the first phone of the company to come with the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 flagship processor. Xu Qi, the vice president of Realme said, that the new series of Realme Race will create a flagship experience with extreme performance.

While the performance is strong, this product’s fashionable design is very eye-catching. The appearance is fashionable, the hand feel is very special, and the experience is super high. In addition to the Snapdragon 888, the Realme Race may support 125W ultra-fast flash charging. At present, the fast charging power of the smartphone industry has exceeded 100W. The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra and iQOO 5 Pro support 120W ultra-fast flash charging. Realme 125W has also been announced, but it has not yet been mass-produced and commercialized.

The Realme 125W flash charging adopts a parallel three charge pump solution with a conversion efficiency of up to 98%. The adapter converts the 20V 6.25A power output into 10V 12.5A through three parallel charge pumps and enters the battery, effectively avoiding the large current. The charge pump is overloaded and overheated. As for the release time that everyone cares about, the aircraft may be unveiled in January.

Realme Race Qualcomm Snapdragon 888

In addition, Qualcomm previewed the new photography features that Snapdragon 888 will implement, including support for faster billion-pixel processing speeds due to the updated ISP. So users can take photos and videos at a speed of 2.7 billion pixels per second. The Snapdragon 888 also has a sixth-generation AI engine (running on a “redesigned” Qualcomm Hexagon processor) and a second-generation sensor hub, reaching 26 TOPS. In terms of games, Qualcomm will launch the third-generation Snapdragon Elite Gaming. The latter supports 144fps games and desktop-level rendering.

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