Xiaomi Youpin Crowdfunding Cooking Robot: 1 Machine – 21 Ways To Use

On December 2, Xiaomi Youpin launched a smart cooking robot crowdfunding, known as one machine for 21 use. The price of this super machine is 5999 yuan ($899) and the crowdfunding price is 3999 yuan ($599).

Xiaomi Cooking Robot

You can use this smart multifunctional cooking robot called Huanchu as 21 kinds of kitchen equipment. In short you can use it for stir-frying, braising, steaming, kneading, mincing meat, shaved ice, juicing, etc. So, it can be necessary product for your smart kitchen and cooking.

Cooking Robot

The smart multifunctional cooking robot is small in size and easy to store. It can replace rice cookers, wall breakers, slow cookers, juicers, ice crushers, sauce machines. In addition, it can also replace hot pots, meat grinders, dough kneaders, whisks, stir bars, yogurt machines, fermentation machines, electronic scales, grinders, electric steamers and other kitchen appliances.

7-inch touch screen

The Xiaomi cooking robot uses a large 7-inch touch screen. You can view the complete video preview and ingredient ratio by selecting a recipe, intelligent recipe + video teaching + voice guidance, clear instructions and automatic control of temperature, time, and speed. It also allows you to have a big meal at hand. It is the next and important reason to have this cooking robot in your smart house.

Xiaomi Cooking Robot

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The machine has built-in self-developed Cooking loT intelligent auxiliary system, including rich big data support, real-time optimization of algorithms. On the other hand, there is also available online content.

Xiaomi smart kitchen robot

The intelligent cooking robot can also achieve precise temperature control in a wide range of 35℃-120℃ so that each dish can be in a suitable temperature range for cooking. The large-capacity double-layer steamer and the superimposed structure design can easily achieve three dishes in one pot. It also has a built-in high-precision weighing sensor that can measure the weight of ±1g ingredients.

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