Black Shark 2 Pro,How The Former Meizu Vice President Reacted

Black Shark 2 Pro

Lately, Li Nan, a senior vice president of Meizu Technology, obtained a Black Shark 2 Pro gaming smartphone and left some remarks.

He explained that the Black Shark Game two Guru supports 3D Press, that can be very conscience. At the same time he gave an illustration of the iPhone: utilizing the 3D Press + gyroscope on the iPhone to play with the chicken match experience is excellent. Even akin to the Android apparatus using a poultry artifact or manage, however the iPhone could follow up with this technology. Therefore that the only player who will bring the iPhone 3D Press encounter to the iPhone 3D Press is your Black Shark.

Black Shark 2 Pro

This time he cites the iPhone instance: the iPhone’s high-quality gyroscope, 3D Press and 120 Hz sampling frequency create you all of the chicken players. Along with the pushed darkening of this display brightness. The Black Shark 2 Pro also includes a high-quality gyroscope + 3D Press + 240 Hz sampling frequency, which may theoretically rival the iPhone gaming experience.

Ultimately, Li Nan reported that the marketplace has a great deal of approval of this configuration of the Black Shark 2 Pro. But also depends upon the marketplace’s ability.

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[…] Black Shark 2 Pro,How The Former Meizu Vice President Reacted […]


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