ASUS ROG GAMING PHONE 5 Leaked In Spy Photos

This morning, a famous Weibo blogger exposed a real spy photo of the new ASUS ROG gaming phone 5. The overall design is similar to the previous generation. However, you will find some minor changes.

ROG gaming phone 5

The back case will probably have glass material. Since there is a number 5 in the center of the back, it is speculated that it may skip the number 4. Hence, the new machine will be named ROG game phone 5. Like the previous model, the ROG Gaming Phone 5 will support a red independent button on the side of the fuselage. This is for entering the game mode with a single touch.

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According to the picture, the ROG game phone 5 will adopt a symmetrical full screen similar to the previous generation. The camera is in the upper right corner of the screen. Besides, you will find a small screen on the back, which shows different patterns and helpful icons.

The new ASUS gaming phone will be equipped with the Snapdragon 888 flagship platform. It will also use a 64MP triple camera, a super 6000mAh battery, and 60W/65W fast charging. The gaming phone will support a 6.6 inches non-curved symmetrical OLED full screen. 

The ASUS Rog gaming phone 5 has already passed 3C certification. On top of that, the phone will be launched in March.

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