Xiaomi’s First 10,000-Yuan Aqara H1 Toilet Released

Recently, Xiaomi’s ecological chain company Lumi Lianchuang, which focuses on smart homes, released its first smart toilet Aqara H1. It is also the most expensive toilet in Xiaomi’s series, priced at 9,998 yuan ($1499).

Aqara H1

At present, the products are not yet on sale online. You can experience them in the Aqara Home smart home experience hall.

Compared with the smart toilet lid, the smart toilet is smaller, more attractive, and more powerful. For example, automatic flip and automatic flushing are only available for smart toilets.

The Aqara smart toilet H1 uses a wide seat. It is increased by 20% to provide a larger support area, relieve the pressure on the legs. And you will not get tired after sitting for a long time. The thermostatic seat is mild and not cold in all seasons. It also uses high-frequency rhythm cleaning. The water is soft and comfortable. The toilet supports 5-speed cleaning and also supports the memory function of gears.

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4 water temperature levels

In addition, this smart toilet adopts an instant water supply system, long-term flushing. The water temperature can always remain stable.

On the other hand, it supports room temperature, 33 ℃ low temperature, 36 ℃ medium temperature, 39 ℃ high temperature. So, one more selling point is the support of four-level water temperature. The official said that after cleaning, warm air drying replaces traditional paper wiping. In fact, the paper is still needed, otherwise, it will take a long time to blow it wet. People who have used hand dryers should have a deep understanding.

Further, the Aqara smart toilet H1 also supports automatic deodorization mode after seated, and efficient deodorization through catalysts and fans. It automatically turns off after one minute away from the seat. Thus, you don’t have to worry about it.

Aqara H1

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