Xiaomi Mi Duokan Electronic Paper Book Pro Is Officially Released

The pre-sale of Xiaomi Duokan Electronic Paper Book Pro has started on December 15 at a price of 1,099 yuan ($168). The Mi Duokan Electronic Paper Book Pro adopts a flat integrated design, bringing a new reading experience; with the blessing of thousands of good books, you can create your own library. After the order is placed, you can log in to the Duokan account on this machine and you can also receive a 1-year VIP membership, limited to 7000 on a first-come, first-served basis.

Key Features

The Xiaomi Duokan Electronic Paper Book Pro is equipped with a 7.8-inch ink screen, with a 300ppi screen pixel density. It has a 4-core low-power processor, a 2GB memory, a 32GB storage, and supports 24-level two-color. The warm reading lamp weighs 251 grams and the body thickness is 7mm. The resolution of this electronic paper reaches 1872 X 1404, the pixel density reaches 300ppi. The display is delicate and clear, and the text is fine and clear.

The size of Mi Duokan Electronic Paper Book Pro is close to that of A5 paper. It is portable and lightweight. So, it reduces the pressure on your backpack and makes your eyes more comfortable.

The Xiaomi Duokan Electronic Paper Book Pro supports voice search. It automatically locates keywords, making input faster, searching easier, and reading easier. The Mi Duokan Electronic Paper Book Pro supports multiple book library import methods. They are Baidu Netdisk, Duokan Netdisk, WLAN transfer, USB connection to computer, Bluetooth transfer. It also supports pdf rearrangement.

The cold light is clearer and more focused, and the warm light is warmer and more helpful for sleep. It also adopts the heating and cooling lamp which is more suitable for reading. So, the 24 levels can be adjusted at any time, the light is more delicate and the reading is more comfortable.

In addition, the Paper Book Pro has a high-performance 4-core low-power processor, built-in hardware EPDC controller. It also has smooth page turning operation and lower power consumption. The machine can be fully charged for up to 70 days. The Xiaomi Mi Paper Book Pro opens the youth mode, some functions are unavailable. At the same time it selects educational knowledge content. So, mothers no longer have to worry about their children secretly reading online articles.

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