Xiaomi 34-inch gaming monitor

Xiaomi 34-Inch Gaming Monitor Can No Longer Maintain The Current Price

There is every reason to think the Xiaomi 34-inch Gaming Monitor may no longer be in stock at a price of 1999 yuan ($279.86).

An inquiry found that the current price of Xiaomi’s 34-inch curved display is 2499 yuan ($349.86) in Xiaomi Mall, 2199 yuan ($307.86) on JD.com, 1999 yuan ($279.86) on Tmall, and 1999 yuan ($279.86) on Suning.

Xiaomi 34-inch gaming monitor

The whistleblower said that the previous price of 1999 yuan could be achieved because Xiaomi applied for special support from Samsung. After the Samsung LCD display panel factory ceased production, Xiaomi’s subsequent 34-inch hairtail screens can only be switched to Huaxing panels with the same specifications. But the cost is higher. It must be at least $15 higher. In addition, the company has said that the display and the bracket are magnetically snapped together. And Xiaomi is also providing a three-year warranty for the product.

Briefly About This Gaming Monitor

On October 17, 2019, Xiaomi released this 34-inch Xiaomi Gaming Monitor. Also, it is Xiaomi’s first display. It uses a 3440×1440 ultra-clear resolution and a 21:9 ratio panel and a 1500R curvature design. 21:9 ultrawide panoramic view lets you assess the entire landscape at a glance to give you the advantage. The 1500R extreme curvature design feels like being surrounded by the screen, giving you an immersive panoramic view. The curved screen creates a smaller visual inclination angle so that every point on the screen is almost equally distant from your eyes. It reduces visual distortion and gives you a more realistic view of every corner.

Moreover, it has a 144Hz refresh rate and AMD’s FreeSync synchronization technology. There’s also AMD Freesync and low Blu-ray mode and the color gamut is 121 percent sRGB. The curved display also comes with a bracket that allows users to make adjustments for lifting and rotating the screen. With this, the company has now officially entered a new product category of gaming monitors.

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