Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping And Dragging Robot 1T Released

On the occasion of the Double 11 Carnival shopping festival, Xiaomi launched a sweeping and dragging robot. It is called the Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 1T, which has 3D obstacle avoidance function. Its price is 2,299 yuan ($348).

Mijia Sweeping And Dragging Robot 1T

Camera On The Top

Traditional sweeping robots will entangle, collide, or clean dead corners due to the complicated home environment. Especially when they push toys and slippers placed on the floor at home, they will run around the house.

The Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 1T has ToF 3D distance measurement and obstacle avoidance technology. It is used in the field of unmanned driving. The robot uses the front ToF camera and dual gyroscopes, optical flow, cliffs and other sensors. They are to assist in positioning.

Mijia Sweeping And Dragging Robot 1T

The robot can quickly realize the distance measurement of obstacles through accurate calculation and intelligent perception. It will automatically bypass when close to small objects, furniture, and walls to avoid collisions.

Mijia Sweeping And Dragging Robot 1T

Map Management

The Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 1T uses this technology to increase its perception accuracy by 10 times compared with infrared. It can not only avoid large obstacles such as walls and wardrobes in advance, but also can do the same for small objects such as thread balls, children’s toys, slippers, etc. More importantly, the new obstacle avoidance technology is also accurate enough in the perception and calculation of the space. It can quickly calculate the gaps in low spaces, such as coffee tables and the bottom of bookshelves, to avoid jams in areas close to the height of the fuselage. The bottom of the furniture is protected from bumps.

It is also evident in the combination of 3D obstacle avoidance technology and visual navigation.

The front-mounted ToF sensor combined with its on-board camera further improves its visual navigation capabilities. Not only the scanning range is increased by 4 times, the mapping accuracy is increased by 5 times. Also, the dynamic survey and route planning can be maintained during the journey to realize the map management.

The Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 1T can automatically generate a partition map after completing several cleanings through smart map management. It also can automatically distinguish the partitions of the bedroom, living room, kitchen and other areas, thus realizing automatic partitioning and key cleaning functions.

Mijia Sweeping And Dragging Robot 1T

You can choose to clean the bedroom, living room and other areas individually. You can even clean the key areas. By setting a software virtual wall to prohibit the machine from entering, prevent the situation of wet carpet from happening.

Water Tank and Battery

The Mijia sweeping and mopping robot 1T has a 250ml intelligent electronically controlled water tank. It is to achieve a more intelligent “sweeping and mopping integration” function. Through 3 levels of water volume control and suspension mop, the water volume is automatically controlled throughout the process to protect the floor. The water does not leak evenly.

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Mijia Sweeping And Dragging Robot 1T Hardware

The Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 1T has a Cortex-A53 high-performance chip. It cooperates with the VSLAM algorithm to achieve stronger computing power. It can locate the accurate position of the robot in real time and intelligently draw the working path.

Mijia Sweeping And Dragging Robot 1T

Compared with the previous generation, the suction power has also undergone a brand-new improvement. With a strong suction power of 3000Pa, it can absorb dust and dirt in the cracks of the floor immediately after starting with the exclusive cleaning accessories.

Mijia Sweeping And Dragging Robot 1T

In terms of battery life, the 5200mAh large-capacity battery has a battery life of up to 180 minutes in standard mode. So it can clean the 240 square meter apartment in one go. The Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 1T has a slim body of 8.2cm. It can freely shuttle the bottom of the bed and the bottom of the cabinet and other hidden spaces that we can’t reach for cleaning. It can also achieve a 20mm obstacle crossing, and the threshold and slide rails can be easily surpassed.

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