New Series Of Nokia Laptops Have Passed Indian BIS Certification

Although the Nokia 9.3 PureView may not be available in the near future, Nokia seems to be exploring other market segments. Seems like, we can look forward to the new series of Nokia laptops/tablets.

According to RootMyGalaxy report, Nokia will launch a new series of laptops/tablets in India and other markets. We all know Nokia for its range of feature phones and smartphones in India. However, the company has previously manufactured laptops and personal computers. It looks like HMD Global is reviving the laptop business with the launch of new products in India. In addition, this new series of models have now passed the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification.

nokia laptops

The new series of Nokia notebooks certified on November 27 will be launched in India. In accordance with BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification, and Tongfang Limited will manufacture the laptops in China. From the certification, the series includes at least:

  • NKi510UL85S
  • NKi510UL82S
  • NKi510UL810S
  • NKi510UL165S
  • NKi510UL1610S
  • NKi310UL82S
  • NKi310UL85S
  • NKi310UL42S
  • NKi310UL41S

What do this numbers mean?

We have learned that so far there has not been any news about these devices, and no media has even revealed the existence of Nokia laptop products. On the other hand, as per the model numbers, the first two characters (NK) probably mean Nokia, the next characters (i5 or i3) probably describe the processor, and the number ’10’ probably means Microsoft Windows 10 as the OS. This means that HMD Global can also launch five laptop models with an i5 processor and four models with an i3 chip. The processor is therefore reasonably inferred to be a laptop product.

We also expect that more details will be discovered as Nokia’s notebook devices obtain more certifications. But till now, Nokia has not made any official confirmation or announcement on the launch of its laptops in India.

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