Mi Notebook Launches ‘Absolute Plan’: A New Definition of Ultrabooks

Last night, Redmi released the first “Pro”-level thin and light notebook – the RedmiBook Pro. It claims to have “the best screen at the same price and half the price of the same technology”.

RedmiBook Pro uses a CNC integrated metal body, 3200×2000 resolution, and supports 90Hz high refresh rate. The notebook comes with the 100% sRGB color gamut, 178° wide viewing angle hard screen, DC dimming. The RedmiBook Pro also passed TUV Rheinland low blue light certification.

The RedmiBook Pro 15 i5 core display version costs 4999 yuan. The i5 standalone version is 5499 yuan. And the i7 top-of-the-line version is 6299 yuan.

So why was RedmiBook Pro born? What does it mean to Xiaomi? Where will RedmiBook and Xiaomi Notebook go? Today, ​​​Xiaomi Group Vice President Zhang Feng issued an article to answer.

Zhang Feng said that the extreme emphasis on user experience is the core basis for Xiaomi to repeatedly create explosive products. From the very beginning of its birth, RedmiBook has been adhering to the extreme price-performance concept of the Redmi brand. However, as the notebook industry is becoming more and more mature and market competition has become fierce today. So Redmi needs a “true flagship” and “Pro-level product” to take a step forward.

The birth of RedmiBook Pro is not only because Xiaomi hopes that the next products can meet or exceed user expectations, but also express Xiaomi’s determination to catch up in the notebook industry. In addition, this year Xiaomi has reshaped the RedmiBook and Xiaomi notebook product lines. This is the first act of the plan.

A new standard for thin and light notebooks for young people

In 2020, Xiaomi smartphones and Xiaomi TVs have successfully deployed high-end products. Further, the Xiaomi routers have also won back reputation through a number of excellent products. Despite these precedents, the road to notebooks will never be easier. Xiaomi will make every effort to shape RedmiBook’s brand image as “a new definition of a new standard for thin and light notebooks for young people”.

How to establish the image of “a new definition of a new standard for young people’s frugality”? Xiaomi’s current answer is to build it into a model with no shortcomings. Also, the other way is through the high-resolution super retina screen and CNC integrated precision carving process, to achieve “the best screen at the same price and half price with the same technology”. This is the meaning of RedmiBook Pro.

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