Xiaomi recruitment areas

Xiaomi Will Recruit 5000 Engineers Next Year: Lei Jun Announced 10 key Recruitment Areas

At the Xiaomi Developer Conference, the brand’s founder, chairman, and CEO Lei Jun announced 10 key areas for the recruitment of their engineers. Specifically, they are:

  • Camera imaging technology,
  • 5G and 6G communication standard technology,
  • Screen display technology,
  • Big data and cloud service technology,
  • Fast charging/wireless charging technology,
  • Audio technology,
  • loT platform and connection technology,
  • Informatization and process management system technology,
  • AI and voice intelligence Interactive technology,
  • intelligent manufacturing equipment and system integration technology.

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In response to this, Xiaomi Group’s recruitment team said yesterday that all relevant positions have been completed. In addition, Lei Jun stated at the Xiaomi Developer Conference that they will gradually increase its R&D investment, focusing on breakthroughs in hard-core technology. ‘Talent is the source of innovation.’

Xiaomi recruitment areas

Lei Jun’s announcements

Earlier he revealed that they plan to recruit 5,000 engineers in 2021. “We believe people are at the foundation of any innovation. When strengthening our technological competence, we should always start by finding the best people. Currently, Xiaomi has over 10,000 talented members in its engineering team and is planning to recruit 5,000 more in 2021, despite the global pandemic, ” said Lei Jun, “my wish for the next decade is to build Xiaomi into the dream company of every engineer, and we will reinforce our strategy of talent cultivation and team composition.”

We have learned that Xiaomi’s current R&D team has more than 10,000 people. In 2020, they will have a total of 2,252 employees, of which 1,470 have graduate degrees or above.

It is also worth mentioning that Lei Jun said in a blog post that he saw the engineers of the camera department of Xiaomi adjusting the night view of the camera in the Xiaomi Technology Park. Seeing his own employees working overtime against the cold October wind on Sunday, Lei Jun couldn’t help sighing: I am really moved! Thanks to all Xiaomi engineers.


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