Xiaomi Will Announced New Record Mark For Wireless Charging

On the evening of October 18, Xiaomi officially announced that it will uncover a new global smartphone wireless charging record tomorrow.

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Xiaomi wireless charging

At the same time, Xiaomi gave a picture to review Xiaomi’s progress in wireless charging power over the years:

March 2018: Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S – 7.5W

October 2018: Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 – 10W

February 2019: Xiaomi Mi 9 – 20W

September 2019: Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro – 30W

March 2020: Technical pre-research – 40W

August 2020: Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra – 50W

The next move will look like this:

November 2020: … ?W

But we have no imagination what a power mark will be announced. Moreover, we don’t know whether the company will announce this on a new smartphone. Maybe it is the Xiaomi Mi MIX 4?

Obviously, the Xiaomi wireless charging power that is going to be announced must exceed 50W. Some analysts think it will reach 60W. Thus, Xiaomi’s wireless charging will far exceed the power of many brands’ wired charging. This simply means, when using a Xiaomi phone in the nearest future, you won’t need to carry a charging head or cables with you.

As for the device it will be tested on, there is every reason to think we won’t see a new smartphone. Most likely, Xiaomi will demonstrate it on another pre-research machine in the laboratory. But considering that five months after the announcement of the 40W wireless charging technology, the 50W landed on an actual product, we may think this new technology will reach end users very soon.

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