Xiaomi Announced 80W Wireless Charging Technology

This morning, Xiaomi announced that Xiaomi wireless charging has crossed the 80-watt mark for the first time. Thus, it breaks the global smartphone wireless fast charging record. In fact, we are not surprised because just yesterday we reported that Xiaomi is going to announce a new mark for its wireless flash charging technology. But honestly, we have been waiting for 60W not 80W.

xiaomi wireless charging

As a reminder, the smartphone wireless charging record holder was the 50W wireless charging of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra.

Subsequently, Zeng Xuezhong, vice president of Xiaomi Group and president of the smartphone department, demonstrated the Xiaomi 80W wireless instant charger.

Zeng Xuezhong said that Xiaomi has specially customized a more efficient wireless charging architecture and chip and independently designed a composite coil system. The latter uses MTW multi-pole fast charging batteries as well as dual-6C series batteries. They come with multi-stage variable current control and MiFC fast charging. Due to many ‘acceleration’ technologies, a 4000mAh battery can be charged half in 8 minutes and 100% in 19 minutes.

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In addition, the wireless charging base uses a high-speed silent fan. Thus, it provides fast charging and low heat generation. At the same time, it can still maintain more than 90% of the effective capacity after 800 complete charging and discharging without sacrificing battery health.

Xiaomi first launched 7.5-watt wireless charging in China in March 2018. In February 2019, it launched the world’s first 20-watt wireless fast charging technology. In September 2019, it launched the world’s first 30-watt wireless flash charging. Its first release was in March 2020. A 40-watt wireless flash charge, the world’s first 50-watt wireless second charge was released in August 2020.

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