Yunmi Electric Drying Rack Lite 1C Crowdfunding Goes Online

On October 25, Xiaomi Ecological Chain Company Yunmi launched a new electric drying rack – Yunmi Electric Drying Rack Lite 1C. This product supports Xiao Ai voice control and app control. The crowdfunding price is 699 yuan ($105).

As an Internet electric drying rack, the slogan of Lite 1C is “Speaking, it can automatically rise and fall”. As said, this product supports Xiaoai + Mijia App control + independent remote control. It can automatically rise and fall through voice commands. In addition, the hanger can also be raised automatically when the user gently pushes. It can be stretched up to 2.2 meters to dry for a single root. It supports left and right stretches. There are 26 wind-proof hanging holes.

Yunmi Electric Drying Rack Lite 1C

In addition, the Yunmi Electric Drying Rack Lite 1C has gradually bright LED lights. They can eliminate the need to install balcony ceiling lights separately during decoration. The hanger can carry 70 kg, and it is easy to dry clothes + quilt. The product also has a double row of dedicated mother and baby clips for easy drying of small clothes. It also has unique hanging whole design, stable and windproof abandon the shortcomings of traditional clothes hangers to deform clothes. The thickness of the folded body is only 152mm. It does not occupy too much ceiling space and has a wider field of vision.

In addition, according to the official introduction, users who purchase the Yunmi Internet Electric Drying Rack Lite 1C can also enjoy double free activities including free installation + free dismantling.

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