Xiaomi Mi Leak Detector Launched For 59 Yuan ($9)

In case you are not aware, Xiaomi sells a number of products other than smartphones. You may think that some of the company’s best products are smartphones, but no. It is their ecological products. Unfortunately, most of them are limited to China and hence, nobody knows about them. Therefore, we bring you information about new Xiaomi ecological products whenever the company launches an interesting one. That said, let’s take a look at the newly announced Mi Leak Detector.

Xiaomi Mi Leak Detector Features

As its name suggests, the Xiaomi Mi Leak Detector is a tool to detect water leaks at your home or workplace. The detector sports a minimal design like any other Xiaomi ecosystem product. Unfortunately, the device only comes in a single white color option with ‘Mi’ branding on top.

Xiaomi Mi leak detector

You can use it in any part of your residence or office. Especially, Xiaomi Mi Leak Detector can be necessary in the kitchen and bathroom where there’s a high chance of water leakage. The company claims it to work up to 24 hours . Moreover, it can notify you on your smartphone whenever there’s a leakage.

It is a useful product for those who own a large place or live in an area where flooding is frequent during monsoon. In the latter situation, the user will be alerted when the water level rises in their home so that they can safe their things at home from water damage.

Price and Availability

Unfortunately, we don’t have much information about this product as of now. Stay tuned, we will update our page when there will be more information about this item.

Having said that, the Xiaomi Mi Leak Detector is not expensive. It costs only 59 yuan ($9). In addition, it will be available for purchase starting October 27 in China.

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