Viomi Washer-Dryer Neo 2 Released: 23 Washing And Care Modes

On January 17, Xiaomi’s ecological chain company released the Viomi Washing and Drying Neo 2. The machine will be officially listed on January 20.

Viomi Washing and Drying Neo 2

The reservation has been opened now. The original price is 3199 yuan ($479), and the initial discount price is 2999 yuan ($449).

In terms of design, the Viomi Washing and Drying Neo 2 adopts a minimalist design, carefully selected titanium crystal gray color, ingenious brushed surface treatment, and hidden clasp design. The washing and drying machine also includes a 520mm large window.

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The Viomi Washing and Drying Neo 2 has a large capacity of 10KG. So, you can wash the whole family’s clothes in the washing machine. You don’t need to divide it into batches, and it is easy to get multiple pieces. You can wash things at 90℃ high temperature to avoid secondary pollution.

Dual precision matching system

The Viomi Washing and Drying Neo 2 features an innovative dual-precision matching system. To clarify, it can identify the water quality according to the weight and area of ​​the clothes, and accurately match the detergent dosage and water level to realize automatic detergent delivery, saving time and worry.

Viomi Washing and Drying Neo 2

It comes with 23 washing and care modes as standard to meet various washing needs. The washing and drying system gets updates and optimizations from time to time to provide a better washing experience.

The Viomi Washing and Drying Neo 2 has an intelligent drying mode. The three modes can effectively prevent clothing from deforming, shrinking, and wrinkling. In addition, you can wear dry clothing even on rainy and hazy days.

Further, it also supports connection to the smartphone app. Through the app, it can automatically push the drum cleaning reminder according to the user’s washing cycle.

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