Viomi Released 21Face Viomi 5Gᴵᵒᵀ Large-Screen Refrigerator

According to Viomi’s official Weibo channel, at the “5Gᴵᵒᵀ New Product Launch Conference” held yesterday, the company launched the world’s first ’21Face Viomi 5Gᴵᵒᵀ large-screen refrigerator’ that can use Vibrato.

1Face Viomi 5G

“Large screen entertainment, life shopping, whole house smart control” are the three major innovations of Viomi this time.

The 21Face Viomi 5Gᴵᵒᵀ large-screen refrigerator uses rock glass as the outer shell. It has a double door and double drawer design.

1Face Viomi 5G

Through the 21-inch large screen, you can easily use Vibrato. At the same time, there is a built-in shopping app. So you can place orders and buy food online.

It has a built-in latest WiFi 6 module, the highest download rate is 1200Mb, perfectly matching the 5G high speed. The 21Face supports vector frequency conversion, and has a noise level of 38dB.

1Face Viomi 5G

Also, the 21Face Viomi 5G ᴵᵒᵀ large-screen refrigerator adopts double drawers for cold storage. The corresponding area can maintain the humidity at about 90%, while the humidity in the dry goods area is only about 40%.

In terms of temperature control, the 21Face Viomi 5G ᴵᵒᵀ large-screen refrigerator has 9 temperature modes. It also has humidity sensors and radar temperature sensing. The large capacity of 520L meets the needs of a family.

Aiming at the elderly or people with inconvenient hands, Viomi has also added a “call to open the door” function. It is convenient for users to control the refrigerator door by voice.

1Face Viomi 5G

The 21Face Viomi 5Gᴵᵒᵀ large-screen refrigerator is priced at 12,999 yuan ($1936). You can get it from Viomi Mall, Tmall, Xiaomi Youpin and other channels.

Finally, the Viomi 5Gᴵᵒᵀ new product launch conference also released a 5Gᴵᵒᵀ large-screen refrigerator customized for the majority of young consumers. It is 21Face Viomi 5Gᴵᵒᵀ Large-screen Refrigerator Unlimited (520L), priced at 4,999 yuan ($745).

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