Mijia Vertical Heater With Support Of Infrared Induction Heating Released

As winter approaches, Xiaomi has launched a variety of heating devices. And a long-waited Mijia vertical heater was finally released today.

In addition to Mi baseboard heaters E and Mi desktops heaters outside, Xiaomi also issued vertical heaters. It costs only 399 yuan ($55.99) and will be on sale on October 16.

Mijia vertical heater

In winter, when you need something for heating, this is definitely good choice. It has a strong power of 2100W, a non-optical semiconductor ceramic PTC heating element. Moreover, it emits hot air when it is turned on. It does not wait for warmth in cold weather.

5 modes

At the same time, in order to meet the needs of users for different usage scenarios. This heater has 5 modes to choose from, namely smart mode (intelligent heating for the whole house), sleep mode (low-noise heating in the bedroom), and hot air mode (strong heating in cold), warm wind mode (warm and warm), natural wind mode (cool air supply).

Mijia vertical heater

After connecting to the Mijia App, there are three head shaking modes to choose from: an induction shaking head that can sense a small range of air supply for one person, a symmetrical shaking head with a self-selected angle, and a custom shaking head with customized air supply range.

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Among them, the induction head-shaking is more suitable for single use. The infrared probe senses the position of the human body. And the air supply direction moves with the human body to feel exclusive warmth.

With winter approaching and work from home becoming a norm in 2020, this new product might be a good purchase. So, for those interested, you can check out the Xiaomi Youpin platform for more details.

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